Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I don't want to be a snob!!!!!

So yeah I have been noticing lately that there are a great many cycling snobs out there.

I have been getting more and more upset at the scenster kids that are so fucking cookie cutter, cliquish, ass hat I think I am better than you little shits. They act as if they invented fixies or riding them around town. They act as if they are better then the daily business commuter who treks thirty miles on a geared bike everyday both ways. They rape the cycling world of its classic bikes so that can have their Colonago fixie. They all wear the exact same thing, black chucks, tight women's pants, messenger bags, tri-spoke wheels, blah, blah, blah. They are the new "New Punk" kids, let us be different by all looking the exact same. Mash SF is just one more testament to how fucking lame these kids are. Let's ride around town doing the exact same skid stop thru the whole movie. Like none of us that have ridden a fixie have ever had close calls, now we need a movie showing it.

So then on the other side I am also sick of the roadies. They all act as if riding anything other than a road bike is a joke. If it is not all carbon or less than 15 pounds it is lame. If you ride your bike just for fun, what is that. Got to train, got to get in miles, got to always race. Trekking across the country is lame. Bikes should only be used for racing blah blah blah. We all talk shit about what clothes are the best and how much TREK, LOOK,BIANCI WHATEVER SUCKS.

Oh and let me not even get started on MTB guys. "Spandex warriors don't know pain til they have ridden off road". These fucking ass clowns never even ride stuff that their bikes are designed for. Yeah I personally need 6 inches of travel to ride the loop. That type of suspension is for real MTB trails not the Loop or Whiting Ranch, or even the Luge out at Modejska Canyon. Sure it makes it nice, but for fuck sakes I, or some of my personal friends have done one or all of those trials on a Cross-bike.

And you god damn single-speeders. I understand the love, hell I wasn't allowed to ride gears for the first six months I rode off road. I loved it and still love it. But some of you act as if you are a fucking god, and look down on geared riders. So what, fucking relax, yes I am sure that your penis, and or vagina ,to be PC, is bigger than everyone else's. I am sure that if you rode gears you would kick my ass up a hill. Or if we all went single we could all feel your joy, but they make gears and sell them so why not fucking get a bike with them and try and relax for awhile on a group ride rather than constantly being out of breathe. Just a thought here, if you didn't want to talk to others while you road why the fuck did you come on the group ride.

I love riding my bike but I get really annoyed by all of this. I personally ride every style. I had every type of bike up until recently. I personally feel that people, including me, get caught up in the "stuff" and forget about the ride. Shut up and go fucking ride.