Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 in review!!!

I guess I will go with the trendy "how was my year, like you really care" in review. Well in the personal life it kind of sucked. I lost my Grandmother, my dog Ursala, and my dog Tonka. I am still kind of numb about the whole grandmother issue. I have had a girlfriend half the time due to her schooling and my bike riding. That one is about the shittiest of all of them. As for cycling I really increased my riding time. I went from maybe 30-50 miles a week, to 120+ on average a week. I am riding a great deal more and am sponsored by Banning's Bikes. I received a new road bike which everyone is probably sick of hearing about. I only have to say that 2007 sucked as far as injuries and loss of bicycles. I got four eye infections in one shot. I fucked up my shoulder in a race. I fucked up my arms and legs, as well as smoking my 29'er in a wreck on the loop. I spent about two weeks off the bike in the summer for a re-occurring ankle injury.

In the professional category it was kind of weird, I took over late 2006 as the HNIC next to the owner, and got put on salary, which was nice. I felt like I accomplished a great deal as far as production increase, cutting of costs and running basically a skeleton crew. I mean next to the owner I am the only person in this company that doesn't just have few duties. I ship, receive, do all pick ups and deliveries that do not get done by freight companies. I reclaim all screens, I do most of the coating, burning and washing out all screens. I have taken on the responsibility of most of the film in the last three months. I over see all production, I am the fourth man if the crew needs me back there. I am in charge of supply inventory. I feel like I took on a great deal which is always rewarding for me, yet at the same time I do not feel appreciated. I know that the Boss Man really does appreciate me, and I know that the company can not afford big bonuses or raises. I know that bonuses are not to be expected, hence the name bonuses, as in extra. Here comes the but, I got huge ones the last two years, (2006, 2005, Christmas and summer) for doing one 1/5 of what I do now, with less stress, and less time in at the shop. I know that in a time of inflation and economic struggle, just having a job that is salary is a blessing, and I know I am being ungrateful, I just sometimes feel this way. Let's hope that this year is different, hint, hint Ron!!!!

On a whole the year kind of blew. It felt like everything was just getting worse and worse, as the year went on. I am happy that Jenna and I are still together, I am happy that all of my friends are still alive and doing well. I am grateful for all of you and hope that 2008 brings a bigger and better year. I know cheesy, but for fucks sake, I am trying to be positive here people.