Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Death of My Riding

Why is it when you start to work at a bike shop you stop riding as much. I am not racing at all this year I am lucky if I get in 100 miles a week these days. I haven't ridden my cross bike lately. I got a Peggoretti Lugino and it only sees the road once a week.  My Look 595 Ultra sits in the shop like a statue. I really miss riding 6 hours at a time on my days off I have so much crap to do. I live six blocks from work and don't even have a commuter bike to ride into work so I walk or drive. I need to start riding again and getting back to a decent level so I can go on no drop rides. oh well we will see what happens. Other than that I am really excited for cross season even if I am not racing it is still fun to see all the new people doing it. I mean there are so many people doing it now.  The only thing I fear is it becoming like road and mtb races. Snotty and full of assholes!!! Let's hope it keeps its fun side! Peace out and as always
Ride on
Ride safe