Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Take the good the bad!

So this week starts off excellent, I get a brand new bike on Monday. I got a Look 595 pro tour white. It is beautiful, chorus kit Easton EA90 bars, wheels, and stem, profile bottle cages. I love it and yet have not ridden it yet. Why you ask? Oh it is not out of choice, let me assure you. I also on Monday got infections in my right eye. I know am fighting three cornial ulcers. I have the responsibility of putting drops in my eyes all day today. I can't ride because my eye hurts like hell from light changes, it goes in and out of focus, it is always blurry. I feel like a mutant walking around one eye closed tightly and grimacing at any change in light. So yeah that is my week so far. I hope this shit clears up fast so I can ride or I am going to fucking snap. Oh on another note the boys at the old bike shop have named me Bobke. So yeah it is a good week so far.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cyclists Down????

Seeing that I am new to cycling. I am more sensitive to stories about cyclists getting hit or killed by vehicles, out of their own fault or not. I read on the old Drunk Cyclist page everyday it seems about another person, mother, father, child, sibling etc;, dieing. I am not sure but it seems, in the last two years, to be gaining speed. Now is it because more people due to economical pressure are riding bikes, or that it has been deemed more environmental friendly? Is it due to the fact that cyclists are acting as if they own the road and breaking laws all the time? Is it because we as a society are becoming less patient of others and expect people to give us respect? Not sure.
I ride about 150 miles a week on a bicycle, sometimes more. I have been pushed off the road, yelled at, and had shit thrown at me. This got me wondering if my own friends are ones who do this to others? I have a bunch of friends that do not ride or understand the mentality of riding. I wonder if they remember that they have a friend (me) that rides everyday he can on the road, or trail, and try's to obey all laws. I have pondered if everone of my friends realizes that their vehicle could end a cyclists life in a second just by stopping in front of that person. That when they are making the quick right turn in front of a cyclist and cutting him off while he is moving along at 20 miles an hour that he could snap him neck by hitting the back of a car. When they won't pass in the left lane and try and squeeze around him in the lane with cars parked on the right he could eat a mirror or door, be out of work for awhile or dead. I would just like my friends that do not ride to try and remember that. Try and think about me or your other friends that may ride every time you think "damn biker/cyclist" and want to do something rash.
Also remember that by law we as cyclists are supposed to be in the road. I am only saying this because I really do not want to have to go to a funeral for one of my friends that do ride, or attend my own, or attend one of my friends court hearing for vehicular manslaughter.
As for you cyclists as I have always said braking the laws intentionally is not going to make motorists respect us anymore. Cutting people off, riding against traffic, going extremely slow so you can talk (which by the way I found I can do at higher speeds just as easily), running stop signs when there are cars waiting, or no lights. These things tend to anger others, just as if you were driving and had to avoid a car with no lights or coming at you. I am only saying this because I really do not want to have to go to a funeral for one of my friends that do ride, or attend my own, or attend one of my friends court hearing for vehicular manslaughter.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a fuck'd weekend

So yeah woke up Saturday morning about 6am to get ready to go race at Hansen Dam. Oh yeah I race, or I should say try to race cyclocross. Felt like shit and of course my kit was dirty, so now I stink. I then load up the old lady all my gear, the old lady's sister and my buddy Mikey. Oh yeah the dog Jake. Well, we get on the road after a stop for gas, and Del Taco at 825am. Race is at 10am. We get there and I am in a piss poor mood from the lack of sleep and energy. I get my number take a cold lap of the course and then proceed to warm up the old thunder thighs. I am starting to feel better. Race starts and I am staying with the pack. We go through the first run up and I pass a few people, go through the next section I hit the barriers and pass one more guy. I am feeling like a god, a fat slow and retarded god, but still a god. The course then goes up hill, I am trying to pass two more guys and they both go down on the inside of an uphill, right, turn. I swing to the outside so not to be part of the pile and I end up going up a steeper section pulling the bike out from under myself and falling straight armed onto my palm. This causes me to fuck up my shoulder. I try to push through the pain but after almost another full lap I realize that I can not control the front of my bike and am having a damn time trying to turn right. You know all that counter-steering stuff depends on the the ability to lean on the inside arm, well when it buckles you lose ya turn. So for my safety and the safety of the others I pulled out. This pissed me off and the first one to get the brunt of my anger is the old lady. Which I know she will read this so I am saying once again for the 5th time sorry sweetheart.

Sunday I get the bright idea that since I injured myself Saturday I should go for a team ride with the old Higher Cadence. It is a faster ride than I was ready for. We go up Brea Canyon and I get dropped, We then make a left on Brea Canyon Cutoff, I get dropped half way up. That is the whole ride. Me by myself, in pain (shoulder), trying to find the pack of 16 or so. We do East West, Turnbull Canyon, and back out Colima to Grand to D.B. Blvd and then back to Brea Canyon. Well I hook up with them around Nogales and Colima. We hit the Canyon, with a awesome pace line cooking along at about 33 miles an hour. I am playing gate keeper, cause I am weak, like Britney's defense about being a good mother. I then flat. No chance, they are gone I didn't whistle loud enough, nor did I want to fuck up their fun of the pace line. I fix it in about a minute and a half. Get going again and now I have the fun of pushing through the canyon as fast as I can (22 mph) to try and catch them. I don't,so like a true idiot instead of taking the easy way out I climb Lemon. I get back to the shop and about fall over. Did mention how much fun it is to try and climb out of the saddle with a fucked shoulder. It looked like the cycling version of the Ministry of Silly Walks.
So yeah just to say this was a really bummed fucking weekend. And with the heat and all the fires here in Socal you know it is just going to be a better week since I would rather go smoke a hundred cigarettes than ride in this air.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti Is an Asshole

lThis was taken from

"I have a great amount of respect for the police. While there are lots of cases of cops abusing their power from thugs like Bernard Kerik on down to cops who are little more than street thugs with badges like the scum responsible for the arrest and torture of Abner Louima, it is grossly irresponsible to assume that all cops are as bad as them. There are going to be abuses of power at any level, and we cannot confuse the abusers with those that do the badge and the job great honor.That having been said, I sincerely think that Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 74700 is an asshole. Officer Prenesti is the kind of scum without compassion, sympathy, and the intelligence you'd find in a compost heap. Roughly two weeks ago, a cyclist was nearly broadsided by some fuckwit in a Black Ford Explorer in Beverly Hills. According to the story on DrunkCyclist (and in detail on and in greater detail on When the police arrived, the jackass officer (Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 74700) was abusive to the point where I would damn well hope that this "Officer" loses his badge or at the very least gets humiliated and demoted for a gross dereliction of duty. Officer D. Prenesti is nothing more than a thug with a badge. This bully showed no compassion for the cyclist, and he ignored any possible explanation to suggest that the SUV driver was at fault. On top of that, his gross insensitivity to the cyclist nearly drove her to tears, and at no point in any of these stories did I read ONE FUCKING WORD about how the officer called in for an ambulance or at least asked if the cyclist required medical assistance. And he mocked the cyclist by saying "You quote me the section of code that she violated and then I'll write her a ticket." Maybe I missed that part of civics class where it said that it was the citizen's responsibility to know the law better than the police. Even if you don't live in and/or near Beverly Hills, remember that there are lots of things you can do. Election Day is creeping up, and I'm damn well sure that elected officials in Beverly Hills don't want or need an embarassment of this size.
1)Make Calls to the following numbers:Beverly Hills City - Operations Bureau, Police Department: (310) 285-2101
Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce: (310) 248-1000
Beverly Hills City - Library, Mayor and City Council: (310) 285-10132)

Email the following public officials:
Mayor Jimmy Delshad -
Vice Mayor Barry Brucker -
Councilmember Linda J. Briskman -
Councilmember Frank M. Fenton -
Councilmember Nancy Krasne -
City Manager Roderick J. Wood -
BH Police Chief David L. Snowden -
)Remember to report Citing officer: D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 747003)

Contact the Press: If you know anyone in the press, by all means tell them about this travesty of justice.
I have great sympathy for the police. They are providing a public service that not many are willing to do, and they are doing it under severe conditions. Your average NYC Cop has to wear a level 3 bullet resistant vest at all times, and it is strongly suggested that they wear the added reinforcement of a "shock plate," (a thin metallic plate to add even more protection). No matter what the weather is like, that along with the standard issue equipment is heavy. On top of that, each cop has to unfairly bear the burden of dirty, corrupt, and/or moronic cops like Beverly Hills Police Officer D. Prenesti #421, serial no. 74700. It is grossly unfair to think that all cops are like Officer Prenesti, but then again, Officer Prenesti is a scumbag who deserves to be exposed for the heartless thug he is."

I'll give this a shot?????

So here it is my first post on a blog besides that evil domain that traps all that look, known as I use to love it but it seems that now I check everyday like a test rat waiting for someone to send me a message, comment on my pics, or fucking tell me I am cool. It never happens so here is this shit.
So what will this blog page be about, anything I feel like mainly, cycling, what I feel like yelling about, or if I ever read the news maybe some current events. last time I actually gave a shit about the stuff in our ever so free media (sarcasm there) was when this shit just happened. Since then all I ever see is smoke and mirrors, who did or who is doing what wrong. It may be wrong of me but for fucks sake I am over it all. Bush and all of his crew are jackass' but our wonderful country elected him. I hate that fact, it makes me sick to my stomach. As for anything else worth a damn I have no clue.
So just to let you know I am new to this and most everything else I am involved in. So sit back and let the rookie tell you how stupid you are.