Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I must do before I die!!

For some reason I have never made a list of things I want to do in life. I guess it is fear that I will never be able to do them or the fact that I am a type A personality and will obsess over the list and forget to enjoy the moment. So I decided a few days ago I will make that list finally and see what happens, if I achieve any of these goals it will be a good life.

The List
-Learn to ride a motorcycle
-Ride a motorcycle up the coast
-Live in New York for one year
-Travel all of Europe and Asia
-Bungee Jump
-Take a train across the U.S.
-ride a bicycle across the U.S.
-finally land a back flip on a BMX bike. Tried a few times when I was younger and damn near broke my neck.
-Disappear into the wilderness for a month
-Fire a .50 caliber sniper rifle
-Be in a high speed pursuit
-Live in Scotland for a year
-write a book
-write a screenplay
-be in a band
-Drive in a rally race
-race a Speedway bike
-be shot out of a canon
-sail across the Atlantic
-sail across the Pacific
-Stand on top of the Sears Tower
-Go to a Yankees game in New York.
-meet the President of the United States
-catch a rattle snake with my bare hands and kill it by snapping it's neck when I crack it like a whip (my whole family tells a story of my Dad doing this when I was a baby)
-Ride a bull
-Steer wrestle
-and finally die in a fight with a Big Cat where all I have is my S&W pocket knife.

So there is my list. Not much but definitely achievable if I do say so my self.

Friday, September 4, 2009


So went to look at webbooks for Jenna. Honda's battery dead. The brake pedal sensor celinoid was not making contact so brake lights were on. Well fix it with superglue and two nickels. Go up harbor cruising along, traffic lights are out. WTF? Go down the hill towards imperial and what do we see, 1984 ford f250 under a telephone poll. Not wrapped around but under. Front of truck looked similar to what a baseball bat against a roll of aluminum foil would look like wrinkled and folded in half. Well get past that and we to best buy, guess what they are closed due to power outage. So our plans were thwarted today we will conquer another day!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


So first blog from my phone. This is all I need. Just one more way to rant at the world.