Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Things I must do before I die!!

For some reason I have never made a list of things I want to do in life. I guess it is fear that I will never be able to do them or the fact that I am a type A personality and will obsess over the list and forget to enjoy the moment. So I decided a few days ago I will make that list finally and see what happens, if I achieve any of these goals it will be a good life.

The List
-Learn to ride a motorcycle
-Ride a motorcycle up the coast
-Live in New York for one year
-Travel all of Europe and Asia
-Bungee Jump
-Take a train across the U.S.
-ride a bicycle across the U.S.
-finally land a back flip on a BMX bike. Tried a few times when I was younger and damn near broke my neck.
-Disappear into the wilderness for a month
-Fire a .50 caliber sniper rifle
-Be in a high speed pursuit
-Live in Scotland for a year
-write a book
-write a screenplay
-be in a band
-Drive in a rally race
-race a Speedway bike
-be shot out of a canon
-sail across the Atlantic
-sail across the Pacific
-Stand on top of the Sears Tower
-Go to a Yankees game in New York.
-meet the President of the United States
-catch a rattle snake with my bare hands and kill it by snapping it's neck when I crack it like a whip (my whole family tells a story of my Dad doing this when I was a baby)
-Ride a bull
-Steer wrestle
-and finally die in a fight with a Big Cat where all I have is my S&W pocket knife.

So there is my list. Not much but definitely achievable if I do say so my self.

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