Friday, October 19, 2007

I'll give this a shot?????

So here it is my first post on a blog besides that evil domain that traps all that look, known as I use to love it but it seems that now I check everyday like a test rat waiting for someone to send me a message, comment on my pics, or fucking tell me I am cool. It never happens so here is this shit.
So what will this blog page be about, anything I feel like mainly, cycling, what I feel like yelling about, or if I ever read the news maybe some current events. last time I actually gave a shit about the stuff in our ever so free media (sarcasm there) was when this shit just happened. Since then all I ever see is smoke and mirrors, who did or who is doing what wrong. It may be wrong of me but for fucks sake I am over it all. Bush and all of his crew are jackass' but our wonderful country elected him. I hate that fact, it makes me sick to my stomach. As for anything else worth a damn I have no clue.
So just to let you know I am new to this and most everything else I am involved in. So sit back and let the rookie tell you how stupid you are.

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