Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Take the good the bad!

So this week starts off excellent, I get a brand new bike on Monday. I got a Look 595 pro tour white. It is beautiful, chorus kit Easton EA90 bars, wheels, and stem, profile bottle cages. I love it and yet have not ridden it yet. Why you ask? Oh it is not out of choice, let me assure you. I also on Monday got infections in my right eye. I know am fighting three cornial ulcers. I have the responsibility of putting drops in my eyes all day today. I can't ride because my eye hurts like hell from light changes, it goes in and out of focus, it is always blurry. I feel like a mutant walking around one eye closed tightly and grimacing at any change in light. So yeah that is my week so far. I hope this shit clears up fast so I can ride or I am going to fucking snap. Oh on another note the boys at the old bike shop have named me Bobke. So yeah it is a good week so far.

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