Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thank god I am racing????

I haven't raced in over a month. I know disgusting, but hey shit happens and has it been happening to me!!!

Let me see the last time I raced was October 20th. I went into the race feeling good and wrecked. Fucked up my shoulder, out for the rest of the week. That same day the fires started in O.C. and stopped me from riding all week long. Finally air clears up 10-29, Monday and I end up with not one, not two but four Cornial Ulcers in my right eye. Well that takes me off the bike for two weeks. Considering the first week I was stuck at home with the lights off due to the massive migrains strong light gave me, I say it was pretty serious. I also had to put drops and an ointment in my eye for two weeks. Yes I said ointment. This stuff had the consistancy of Neosporin and would blur my vision in my right eye for an hour.

So once that is all over with and I can start wearing contacts again now that it is now November. Infact it is the week of the 11th-17th. I decide on Thursday the 15th that it would be a good idea to go ride offroad since my optometrist says it is okay. I am feeling good and am pushing right along. I am almost done with the loop and at the top of the Luge. I am following Hugo (bad move I later fnd out) and we are gaining speed. I am spinning out on a 48-11 on a 29er. I go off the first little step off and fly to the left side of the trail. I then go off the next step off and sail right along to stick my front wheel in a rut. I go OTB (Over The Bars) and demolish the bike, as well as my self.

So I figure give it a week and I should be good. I figure I will go race the 25th of November. Eeeeghghghghghgh!!!! Nope I go ride the morning of my birthday (23rd for those of you who don't know). It is a nice easy 42 miles at about 22mph down to Sunset Beach and back. Somehow I pulled my IT band. Put me in so much pain that I had to spend the whole next day, hungover as well, icing it so I could walk. Sunday it still hurt and I did a nice easy ride around town to stretch it. About 30 mile to Cal Poly and back. It felt okay but jumping and or running on it out of the question.

So this week I gear up for the weekend. Start back up the old training regiment. I put in 80-90 miles on Monday,Lincoln to Batavia, to Taft, to Cannon, to Santiago Canyon, to the 133 to PCH, to the River trail, to home. Did it in about five hours. Tuesday spent an hour on the rollers to get the acid out of the legs. Wedensday a relax day. Today going to go ride the Loop. But hey hold on the race this week is in Bakersfield. Fuck that I am not going to drive to Spracktown. No fucking way in hell.
A.) It is Bakersfield
B) It is Bakersfield
C) I ain't got the cash for that gas
D) it is Bakersfield
I hate that town and I will not drive there. If I wanted to race in Sprack alley I would go to Costa Mesa and race up and down Hamilton.
So Maybe I will get to race next week.

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