Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Cut it short.

So the old lady says to me "I like your writing style, you go blah blah blah I had a bad week, oh yeah the boys at the shop now call me Bobke. Just cut it off at the end, no explanation nothing just Bobke."

So here is the explanation of the Bobke name, we are sitting there at the shop watching the crash video with Bob Roll narrating, when Cheddar turns to me and says "hey you look like him." To which my girlfriend says "oh my god you really do." So now all the boys call me Bobke. So there is the story not that exciting really. That is why I cut it short.

On a positive note I got to finally put miles on my new road bike.(Look 595 pro team with Chorus kit, Easton EA90 SL rims, Easton EA90 stem and bars) It is awesome. Put about 130 miles on in three days. I know not that much but still a blast. The damn thing is so responsive. It just wants to go, and in corners it tracks like it was on rails. No effort leaning it over, you actually have to kind of pull yourself back. I have to say that the only thing I do not like about the bike is the ass hatchet for a seat that it has. The seat is really only good for 45 miles before it started to tear up my t'aint. I did about 60 miles on Monday and when I got done it felt like someone hit my taint with an aluminum baseball bat. I am going to give it another two weeks to see if it needs significant break in time, after that it is going to the dumpster gods and I am going back to a Fizik Aireone.

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