Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's wrong with Gay Marriage?

Nothing. People say it's a sin, an abomination, a disrespect towards the institution of marriage. First of all most of you that claim that it is a sin, you sin every fucking day. You lie, cheat, have premarital sex, spill thy seed, are envious, rage, very vain, only look out for you and yours, and oh yeah women you are working in the workforce, not at home taking care of your loved ones and being subservient to your husband. Is it okay for you not for others? Oh I know times are rough, and the economy sucks so you have to work, to make that brand new car payment or mortgage that you just took out to put in the pool. Sorry I don't remember anywhere in the bible it saying that you deserve a SUV, a pool, or flat screen T.V.. Pretty much don't remember God saying "follow my rules unless it means you can't get the things you want." As for the sanctity of marriage ha what a crock, some of you that protest gay marriage have been divorced not once, not twice, but several times. Oh let me guess, it didn't work out, he/she didn't give you what you needed, you were young and stupid. Once again I don't think your God said it was okay if it didn't agree with you. So really stop using your God and faith as a blanket for your bigotry and fear.
Start looking at it like this, if you don't like it, don't do it. I don't like religion so I don't follow it. See real simple. Start looking at the benefits to society of gay marriage. "What can two fags getting hitched do to help society? No fucking queer gonna help me." Be patient the answer will come. Let's look at this from a financial aspect. Average marriage cost in America is $20,398. Just in the first three months of the gay marriage being allowed 11,000 same sex couples got hitched. Now do the math on that number alone. Yes many of them got married at the court house. Shit if someone told you that you could get your dream to come true wouldn't you run to the source as quick as you could. Now if you figure there are probably a great deal of people still looking to get married let's just use a round number of 2000 alone in California. Not that hard to imagine. So if you divide it in half (cause it takes two to tango) and multiple that by the average cost of a wedding you get 20,398,000 spent and put into the economy. That is just the cost of the wedding not the gifts bought by people to give to the lovely couple, the money dance, the gas used to get the ceremony. Oh holy shit did you just realize that was California by itself. Now imagine if every state had that. I bet you the average across the country would be about 700 couples/state. 700 times 50 equals 35,000. 35,000 couples times $20,398 average wedding cost equals $713,930,000 dumped into our economy. I am not sure but I think that is close to 3/4 a Billion dollars.
I know some of you have found fault with my financial logic. "Jess, you fag lover, they don't all get married at once. So it won't be that much money at anyone time." Well shit marriages don't happen all at once. But what they do do is give people like you and me a job from day to day, wedding planners, caterers, photographers, just list a few. So if they get married over the next 10 years that is still 71,930,000 a year. Not to mention all the younger ones that are going to get older and want to get married. Oh my god it is a never ending cycle of revenue.
So if you look at if from a different angle it can make sense why it should be allowed. If you can't just sit back and accept that they should be allowed to make their own choices and have to deal with the consequences of your God in the after life, look at it this way and justify it as the fucking country needs this revenue. Sad thing is I know most of my friends feel the same way I do LET THEM GET MARRIED!!!! But there are a few of you that are just going to read this and go "Fucking fag lover, he's probably gay and doesn't want to come out of the closet." or "My god said that it is wrong so it has to be". Just do me the favor of looking in your holy book where your God also said that no man shall cut his facial hair or trim his hair. Seems like you have an excuse why that is allowed to change but not this.

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