Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What I know about health care!!

might not now enough about politics to give any advise about what the government should or shouldn't do regarding health care. What I do know is what I have lived. For all of you that are anti-reform please refer to my life for the past 18 going 19 years.
All I have to say is have a mother that has had cancer, breasts and ovaries, heart attacks, and not to mention MS. Watch a Woman that has worked her ass off all of her life and dumped thousands of dollars into health insurance. Watch as she is stripped of all her financial security by a corrupt insurance system that charges her 3000/month for the shots she needs to just get out of bed to go to the restroom. Watch as she has to go through red tape up the ass every year to get re-approved for coverage for this and doctor visits, while only getting 1500/month from full disability. Watch as that Woman who was once able to raise two boys on her own, run the largest electrical contracting company, be a Labor Management Commission Compliance Officer between IBEW and NECA is slowly drowned to death, literally, in red-tape, ill-care, negligence, and lack of empathy by fellow humans, or so called doctors.
Watch as your mother dies because she, you, and your family can not front the costs of a corrupt, pro-profit, self serving calculation to risk system. Watch this from the time you were 15 years old, and your money for college, car, and savings that you and your family worked so hard to secure are bled dry to keep her well.
Sit back and wait for the day when the cost becomes too great and you get to see her suffer in insurmountable pain. Wait patiently everyday for that telephone call that she has passed away or taken her life out of sheer anguish and frustration.
Sit through all of this everyday of your life and tell me that reform is not necessary. Tell me that if this was your mother, father, sister, brother, or child that you wouldn't scream your head off for some change.
Tell me you are enough of a cold hearted bastard to watch as another human being suffers like this, you would say that there is no reason for change. When you say this come say it to my face, so I can beat the ever lasting fuck out of you, and make it to where you are now reliant on this oh so wonderful system we have now. Then we will see how you feel about change!!!!!
Like I said I do not know enough about politics and economics to tell you how to change it. I only know what I have lived. I am not saying that doctors shouldn't get paid well, or hospitals work for free, what I am saying is there has to be fairness and equality in pricing for a necessity of life. Wether that means regulating fees, creating an exchange, or regulating insurance companies, I do not know. Just fucking fix the system!!!

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