Friday, January 8, 2010


So I am posting this here because I know most people won't read it. Today I found out that I lost a great friend. Dave "Crash" Collins left this world today.

He was taken by cancer today which he has fought with all his might. The question I have is am I a coward? I had two chances to go see him in his worst state and chose not to. Why because I was fearful to remember him sick and dying? Because I am fearful of death? Not sure why but I know I wanted to remember him always as the guy who made me laugh, talked to me when I was bummed, talked to me when he was bummed, shared beer and told great stories. He was never afraid to wreck his bike hence his nickname. I showed up to Thursday night beer gardens mostly to see him. I love the Boemkes, Scotty Mac, Mikey Miller, and the rest of the crew but Dave was the one guy I looked for regularly.

I know now that I miss him and haven't stopped crying since I heard. I know a great many people know him and I ask all of you never remember him sick and on his way out remember him smiling and with a great story and beer in his hand. R.I.P Crash I miss you!


Judi said...

thanks for your comment! i friended dorothy on FB. let's see how this goes.

Ash said...

Sorry to hear that. Loosing that a personality like that always hits hard but they seem to be the ones you remember years down the line. It kind of immortalizes him.

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